Wedding photography.

Picture gallery: a selection of recent wedding photographs by Julian Fisher Photography.

No wedding would be complete without stunning photographs to remember it by. We work with you as a team to give you our personal style so that you can choose whether you want traditional photos at the church or registry office, or whether you'd prefer someone to accompany you and capture fresh, original shots all day.


Julian Fisher Photography wedding packages give you a range of options to choose from. We take hundreds of photos on the day and will compile a selection of the best shots for you to choose the ones to include in an album.


Again, we are happy to provide a range of presentations for these important memories, from traditional albums to pre-programmed digital photo-frames for the mantel piece.


We now also cater for Wedding Video, taking it to the next level with beautiful Film like CINEMATOGRAPHY !!    ..... P.O.A.


Call Julian Fisher Photography so that we can create a package to meet your needs.


let me ask you a question......


How many photographers have promised to do this, that & the other? Promised to adjust,correct an image etc. & at the end nothings gets done!

The reason is vast amounts of time in editing software behind the scenes & who really cares after all they have been paid! Some will say we get it right first time so that's not an issue. Many world famous photographers don't & use "Photoshop"; so THINK ON!

Don't leave it to chance as you can trust & totally rely on us!